Working with an entrepreneur to design and pilot an innovative advisor/advisee platform


The Ask

We have been running this advisor program for a while now and it has gained way more traction than we originally thought. We would like to scale the idea by building a platform that connects people looking for advisors with a pool of vetted advisors. Can you help us conceptualize, design, and pilot the solution?

The Observation

Despite the significant adoption of smartphones in Kenya, mobile apps download and usage is still significantly low. As a result, building a native mobile app would not be the best way to develop the first version of myProsper. Instead, building a mobile-first site is a better approach.

The Process

Key activities:

  • UX design – development of the UI components based on Prosper’s knowledge and running of a usability study to test the outcome of the design process
  • App development – implementation of the UI design and the back end logic using the agile software development process
  • Pilot support – supporting Prosper to pilot the product and use feedback to continue improving it

Technology choices:

  • Front end – React JS powered by Next JS for server-side rendering
  • Back-end logic – Firebase Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, and Authentication, Cloud Scheduler
  • Management Dashboard – Firebase Data browser
  • Payments – Mpesa
  • Video service – Agora 
  • Deployment – Amazon Web Services
  • Product analytics – Mixpanel

The Outcome

With the Prosper team, MADE developed a mobile-first web app that:

  • Allows professionals interested in being advisors to sign up, be vetted, and offer their service on the platform
  • Allow anyone interested in getting advice to locate the right advisor, schedule the date and time, and pay for the session
  • Allow the advisor and advisee to conduct a one-hour session within the platform with minimal friction as the video call is integrated within the platform
  • Allow the Prosper team to manage all aspects of the platform such as approving advisors, adding sessions, and payment reconciliations using an easy to use dashboard
  • Using Mixpanel the Prosper team can monitor how the product is doing and take the right steps to improve it

The project is currently in the pilot stage. MADE is supporting Prosper as they roll it out by providing bug support and feature improvements.

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