Reshaping your product strategy & roadmap on the go


The Ask

In the course of building our business, we have developed a lot of technology. We are thinking if it is worth exploring turning our platform into one of the promising tangents we have been exploring. Can you help us evaluate what we need to do to get there?

The Observation

Startups that rely on technology to improve operations but have most of the activities done offline find themselves investing significantly in software development. As the startup grows so does the software product. If not well monitored and planned, it is easy to have a wide array of software products that are duplicated and not easy to manage

The Process

MADE planned and facilitated a two-day product strategy and vision session involving representatives from different teams within Soko. Over the two days, using design facilitation techniques, MADE worked with the participants to:

  • Review the existing Soko product
  • Identify gaps within the existing Soko product
  • Explore the potential of new products based on what the team had developed so far
  • Identify what it would take to develop the new products

MADE provided an experienced product manager and a cofacilitator to run the session. Post-workshop, the product manager spent a day working with the software development at Soko to develop the product road map.

The Outcome

From our engagement with Soko, they were able to:

  • Developed a pitch for the senior management regarding other product options beyond what was already in place and got a decision on whether to proceed or not
  • Evaluated and document gaps within the Soko platform and identified strategies to plug the gaps
  • Evaluated gaps within the technical team and created a plan to plug the gaps
  • Developed a one year roadmap for the Soko platform, pitched it to the rest of the company and got buy-in to proceed

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